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MyView will display your private data. Please be aware of this if you are accessing the system in public, from home or on a shared computer.


If you are registering for the first time please use the 'forgotten password' link under the login box (or click here) and enter only your employee number and date of birth.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password please use the 'forgotten password' link under the login box, or click here.

Top tip

If you enter your password incorrectly twice, select the forgotten password link to be sent a temporary password to your SOAS email account. This will ensure that you do not suspend your MyView account.

Thinking of leaving SOAS?

If you are planning on leaving SOAS in the near future, please ensure you print all your available payslips as you will not be able to access MyView after your last day of service.

Assistance or suggestions

Requests for assistance with the use of MyView can be sent to myviewsupport@soas.ac.uk, or you can contact HR colleagues Simon Gwynne on extension 4480 or Chris Byrne on extension 4822.

MyView enables you to view and print your payslips and P60s and view and amend if necessary your personal details directly on the School's HR database. Access to MyView replaces some but not all of the Staff Self-Service functions. Please continue to use Staff Self-Service to report sickness absence and view any training courses attended.